Hello, We Are Umoja
We Remember Your Amazing Journey


It's Your Life Together. Remember It.

Umoja is the story of Us. It's all the big and little moments that work together to make you who you are - two people, united.

Timeline of your story

Never forget a moment. Record all the events that you experience together, from milestones to romantic dinners.

Photo focused

Don't let all the pictures you take linger on your phone where they'll never be seen again.

Relish the memories

Easily scan through your timeline, or browse it by year or by event collections.

Create lists together

Bands you want to see. Next Summer's vacation. Your favorite restaurants.

Make decisions easier

Give your list items a ranking from 1-10, then see how your partner ranks them.

Check items off your list

When you finally take that much vaunted vacation, check it off your list and add it to your timeline.

Umoja is decidedly anti-social

You're not here to share with your friends. You don't want to worry about your boss looking over your digital shoulder. This is the space for your private life with your partner.

Umoja focuses on sharing all the personal moments in your journey with your partner. These moments are sometimes silly, sometimes sad; they might be look miniscule to someone else, but to you they are the most cherished.

Your friends are tired of hearing about your cat. Your partner cherishes every minute of it. That's what makes them special.